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Real Estate Law involves the legal transaction of property and the aspects of that land, including buildings, homes and natural elements from trees and plants to air rights above the property and natural resources beneath the surface. Common transactions including buying or selling a home or business, title rights, contracts, deeds and liens.

Buying a home

It is not required to hire an attorney to purchase a home, however it is often in your best interest for a lawyer to review the contracts and review the complex layers of legal responsibilities involved in buying a home. Our real estate and property attorneys can assist with drafting offers in acceptance, negotiation, title search, purchase agreement and other contracts.

Selling a home

Home ownership is a large investment and when it is time to sell, you want to be certain you are recouping the value of the property. A real estate agent can guide you through many aspects of selling your home, but they should not be providing you with legal guidance. If you are listing your home FSBO (For Sale By Owner) a real estate attorney is essential to handling the legal details of the transaction to protect your liability and legal consequences.

Homeowners' Association

When purchasing real property there are often restrictions place by local government and subdivisions. These regulations for cohabitation are observed by all properties within the Covenant and property owners are required to be members and pay annual dues to the Homeowners’ Association or Property Owners’ Association. If you have concerns about the restrictions of your POA or HOA, contact our real estate attorneys.
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