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This area of law includes a range of domestic relations, regarding people related by blood, marriage or familial status. These situations often carry grave emotional and financial issues, and negotiations for agreement often require a third party. Many cases of family law are related to marriage, including prenuptial agreements, divorce, child custody, adoption, attorney ad litem and name changes.


Adoptive parents acquire all legal rights and responsibilities of a child that is not related by blood, thus severing all legal ties to the birth parents. There are certain qualifications that adoptive parents must meet in order to provide a safe environment and stable home environment.

Attorney ad Litem

An Attorney Ad Litem, also referred to as a Guardian ad Litem (GAL) is an experienced family law attorney that is certified to represent the interest of a child in a custody case or an incapacitated person in a guardianship case involving custody. At Matthews, Campbell, Rhoads, McClure and Thompson we have two certified Arkansas Attorney Ad Litem that are crucial in understanding the needs and best interests of a child in custody cases.

Child Custody

This area of family law involves the legal and physical custody of the children between the legal guardians or parents. Child custody cases are common in other aspects of family law, including divorce, and custody arrangements can be modified by the courts when circumstances warrant review.

Child Support

Child Support is the legal obligation that a parent without custody has to financially support the upbringing and home environment of the child. Child Support is determined independently of child visitation rights and it is common for the amount of child support to adjust as the child grows up.


The legal process of divorce can be complicated to those who are dealing with the emotional consequences and life adjustments that come with leaving a marriage. Our divorce attorneys will manage the filing process as well as help you understand the steps and disclosures that will be required to finalize the separation.


Guardianship is when the courts award one person legal authority for the care and interests of another person. There are several common causes for guardianship to be awarded, but all involve the inability of the individual to care for themselves as a result of age or disability. 

Prenuptial Agreements

Prenups are a legal contract that people who intend to marry freely enter into to establish how property, assets and financial obligations will be delegated at the end of the marriage. The prenuptial agreement must adhere to certain state guidelines and it is strongly encouraged to consult an attorney to make sure that the arrangement won’t be overturned by a judge in divorce court.

name change

People who wish to legally change their name need to do so through the jurisdictions of common law, which will apply limitations to what will be allowed. Fraudulent modifications, frivolous or immoral changes are not acceptable and a judge holds the power to deny such amendments.
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