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Mediation is the process of meeting with a third-party to discuss a disagreement and work towards a consensus without going to trial. Both parties, who may also have personal representation, will discuss their side the mediator will facilitate a resolve. Cases that often utilization include Civil Litigation, Real Estate Law, Probate Law, Family Law and Corporate Law.


There are often situations that can only be resolved by a neutral-third party, called a mediator. Both sides present evidence to the mediator, who helps each side to understand the position of the other. Through working with a mediator, the disagreement may avoid being subject to a lengthy and costly litigation process. The purpose of a mediator is to have a neutral party trained in the practice of law to suggest a fair settlement. There are no legally binding consequences from mediation.


Similar to mediation, arbitration is also an alternative dispute resolution held in private with a neutral third party. Arbitration is a much more involved process that involves investigation of evidence, analyzing the facts and rendering a decision that is enforceable by the courts. Arbitration is a more formal process than mediation, but is a faster and less expensive method than litigation.

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