Commercial Law

Commercial Law & Litigation Attorneys

Located in Historic Downtown Rogers, AR Representing all of Northwest Arkansas 
Commercial Law is a division of business law for counsel and advisement to businesses and corporations. Our team of corporate attorneys provide settlements, dispute resolutions and legal representation during trial when necessary. Common cases involve litigation, breach of contract, regulatory compliance, employment relations, aspects of business creation and dissolution.


The formation of business requires proper compliance and documentation with federal and state laws. Sole Proprietorship is when a business is created by one person with all of the business assets in his or her own name. This is common for many small businesses including consultants, contractors and professionals. Our business creation attorneys assist with business licenses and registration of business name.

Limited liability companies

A LLC is a non-corporate entity that protects the personal liability of the owner with the legal protections supplied by a corporation including debts and lawsuits.


General Partnerships create a joint responsibility between partners in collaboration for the management of profits and debts. Limited partnerships is an agreement between the general partners, who maintain responsibility for claims, lawsuits and bankruptcy, and limited partners, who invest in the business and receive a share of the profit.


Corporations are separate legal entities that serve as an organization that can sue or be sued, as well as manages stocks and capital, maintaining a separation of company assets from personal liability. Dissolution is the termination of a legally binding arrangement and contracts and often involves the liquidation of business assets.


Litigation is the area of law that utilizes a lawsuit to reach an agreement, defend interests and recover compensation. Common areas include tort cases, negligence lawsuits, discover requests, trials and appeals.
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