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Criminal Defense is an area of law that provides legal representation of a person accused of a crime at the district, circuit or federal level. The process of criminal defense includes reviewing evidence, conducting investigation beyond that of law enforcement, interviewing witnesses, negotiation with the prosecution and representation in jury trial.


DUI – driving under the influence is the charge of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances. Prosecution can also occur if you are sitting in the car with possession of the keys and the state attempts to prove you are in “actual physical control” of the vehicle.

DWI – driving while intoxicated is the charge of unsafe operation a motor vehicle. In the state of Arkansas, the blood alcohol content of a driver that is more than .08 percent is subject to DWI charges.

Our DUI/DWI attorneys will file a motion for discovery to obtain the evidence involved in the charges against you. This process will allow us to evaluate the traffic stop, reasonable suspicion and the accuracy of protocol or standard instruments used to collect evidence. Having an attorney will also improve the opportunity for plea bargaining and leniency in sentencing. Penalties for DUI or DWI range from a $150 fine to 6 years of jail time, depending on the offenses and if there are prior offense. Legal representation for any DUI or DWI is strongly encouraged.

Traffic Court

Traffic tickets are issued for various violations involving a motor vehicle. Common traffic citations include speeding, tailgating, reckless driving, swerving, driving with a suspended license and not wearing a seatbelt. Our criminal defense attorneys are able to consult, advise and represent you in traffic court. Hiring an attorney benefits negotiations with the prosecuting attorney and prepares you for the possible outcomes, which can include suspension of license, points on your driver’s record, an increase in your auto insurance rate, suspension of your license or a warrant for your arrest.


Possession of an illegal or controlled substance without a prescription can face penalties ranging from fines to jail time. The severity of the penalty will be influenced by the class of drug, quantity of possession and numbers of previous convictions of similar crimes. Our attorneys will review the charges, including search and seizure protection by the Fourth Amendment, to ensure that your rights are protected. Working with an attorney may provide alternative sentencing to jail time including drug court for non-violent drug charges.


Although less serious than a felony, misdemeanors can carry the penalty of up to one year in local or county jail and can carry substantial fines. Common misdemeanors include disorderly conduct, public intoxication, DUI, theft, trespassing, vandalism, assault and minor drug possession charges.


Felony charges are criminal charges with a penalty of at least one year in federal prison. Although the statue of the law carries the charge of one year in jail, it is possible for convictions to occur less time with proper representation. Felonies include violent crimes, aggravated assault, drug charges and property crimes such as burglary or embezzlement. Hiring an attorney is critical if you are facing felony charges.
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