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Also called Case Law or Common Law, General Civil Law is an area of law determined by previous cases and the judicial decisions, administrative legal findings or court rulings that set precedent in that jurisdiction. Lawsuits between people or organizations are under civil law and include contracts, property, wills, debts and personal injury.


An appeal is the process after a judge or jury issues a decision that you believe is incorrect or was reached by means that do not comply with the rules governing the trial. The appeal is a legal request to have the trial reviewed by a higher court. In Arkansas, the case is appealed to the Arkansas Court of Appeals or the Arkansas Supreme Court. During the appellate hearing, no new evidence is submitted, so there are no witnesses. 

In most cases, there is no personal appearance of the parties to a lawsuit in front of the panel of judges. Appeals are litigated via written arguments, called briefs, which present the facts of the case and include extensive research and argument about the laws related to the case. Many times attorneys are allowed to present oral argument to the appellate court.

Debt collection

Our debt collection attorneys are experienced in providing representation for creditors and debtors, and therefore can understand the motivations of both sides. A debt collection attorney is essential to negotiating the terms of repayment and managing the paperwork involved in a creditor’s or debtor’s case. Debt collection lawyers can handle lawsuits, harassment and failure to pay situations. 

Defense in Insurance claims

This area of law directly involves insurance policy, content and how insurance claims are handled. Our insurance lawyers are experienced with representing the defendant and plaintiff in cases involving auto insurance, home insurance and property insurance cases.

Legal advice

Legal Advice is information and counsel provided by a licensed attorney about your specific situation in relation to the law. Litigation and legislation incorporate various factors that will affect your legal obligation and personal rights in a lawsuit. Speaking to a lawyer about your situation provides expert knowledge, skill and judgment in navigating the legal system. Call us for a free consultation and prepare yourself with a team of talented and experienced lawyers.
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