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Public School Law and Litigation involves schools, teachers and the personal rights to a public education. U.S. law states the opportunity for a free education will be provided to all students and each person has constitutional rights and legal rights that protect these interests. Every state has various education laws that govern the school system, teachers and public funding. Schools are also impacted by the federal Department of Education.

Public School LAW & Litigation

School Law and Litigation, or Education Law, refers to the regulations, policies and standards that apply to students, employees and board members of the public school system. Funded by tax dollars, the public school system must adhere to the U.S. Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Arkansas and protect the rights of each individual. Public School Litigation often involves the First Amendment (Freedom of Religion, Speech and Peaceful Protest), Fourth Amendment (Search & Seizure), Fifth Amendment (Due Process), and the Fourteenth Amendment (Equal Protection).

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