Landlord & Tenant Disputes

Landlord & Tennant Law Attorneys

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The relationship between the owner of the property (the landlord) and the person the landlord permits usage and certain rights to (the tenant) can easily become complicated if concrete rules and regulations are not in place. An attorney can be essential for resolving landlord and tenant disputes, particularly for cases of eviction, destruction of property and recovering possession of the premises.

Eviction & Destruction of Property

An eviction is necessary legal proceeding that a landlord must follow to remove the tenant from the property. The landlord must give a written eviction notice to vacate the premises by a certain date. An attorney may be required to recover unpaid rent, compensation for removal or destruction of property and obtain a court order requiring the tenant to vacate the premises.

Forcible entry & Detainer

If an eviction notice is delivered to the tenant and they have not left the property, the landlord can file a petition for forcible entry and detainer for the assistance of law enforcement in the process of removing the tenant from the property.
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